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Constitution BMS of NSW

About the Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW


To promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health. Our mission is to promote goodwill, good health and exchange knowledge among the members and the populations within the community and abroad.


Core Values:

  1. Leadership
  2. Excellence
  3. Integrity and Ethical Behaviour.



To be an essential part of the professional life of every physician.

The Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW helps doctors help patients by uniting physicians nationwide to work on the most important professional and public health issues.

BMS policy on issues in medicine and public health relevant to its community is decided through its democratic policy-making process.



BMS of NSW is a non-profit organization.



Article I

The name of this organization is the Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW. It is a member of the Federation of the Bangladesh Medical Societies of Australia (FBMSA)


Article II

The objects of the Society are to promote the science and art of medicine, the betterment of public health, and to represent the issues particular to the medical profession in Australia.


Article III

The Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW shall be composed of medical practitioners, medical students and allied health professionals.


Article IV

The governing body of the BMS shall be the Executive Committee, which shall be composed of elected members.


Article V

The Officers of the Society shall consist of a President, three Vice-Presidents, a General Secretary, two Joint Secretaries, a Treasurer, an Organizing Secretary, an Education Secretary, a Publication Secretary, a Social Welfare and Cultural Secretary, and 13 members. The above positions shall be described and regulated as set forth in the constitution. Three additional executive committee members may be co-opted by the newly elected executive committee. The Joint Secretary 1 will assist Social welfare Secretary in addition of Joint Secretary’s role. Joint Secretary 2 will assist  Publication Secretary in relation to Website in addition of Joint Secretary’s role)



Article VI

Meetings of the Executive Committee and of the General Membership shall be conducted as described in Section C under Article X.


Article VII

Funds may be raised by dues, alternative assessments or fundraising activities as provided for in the constitution, and per the decision of the Executive Committee.


Article VIII

Amendments to this constitution may be made, provided that they shall be presented in the meeting of the Executive Committee for initial approval, Final approval requires two-thirds vote of the present members in the general meeting.


Article IX

Benevolent Fund Committee shall be an independent committee. It will be formed in the annual general meeting by election with mandate of one year duration. It will consist of a chairperson and four members. This committee will make their policies and guide lines for the conduct of its affairs in harmony with the constitution and wishes of general members. Executive Committee and Benevolent Fund Committee’s duration will be one year.


Article X



Section A: Definition

A.1 These bylaws shall regulate the Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW (hereafter referred to as BMS).

A.2 The BMS shall be governed by the Executive Committee.


Section B: Membership

The BMS shall consist of those doctors and students in good financial standing with the BMS.

B.1 There shall be 4 categories of membership

  1. a) Life member shall be offered to general members who already paid $1000 of subscription at a time. BMS will issue a A4 size certificate with President and General Secretary’s signature, 10% discount in events tickets and Priority sitting arrangements in any events.


  1. b) General member – by yearly subscription. Membership Financial year: 1stof January to 31st But for website and notification (to avoid internet crash) expiry date will be 31st



  1. c) Associate member – will be offered to the medical students


  1. d) Honorary member.


B.2 Eligibility – General membership will be offered to a medical practitioner or medical student who originated from Bangladesh either by heritage or who obtained medical degree in Bangladesh. Medical Students will be awarded Associate membership without voting rights.

B.3 Funds may be raised by payment of membership fees.

B.4 Good Financial Standing shall be defined as having paid the membership dues for the period equivalent of a year (i.e. 1st January to 31st December of each year). There will be no provision of partial payment in mid-financial year or later.

B.5 Members shall be bound by the decisions of the Executive Committee. Executive Committee may vary membership dues (hence forth associate membership dues) according to the financial ability of respective group of medical practitioners, medical students and other allied medical professionals.

B.6 Honorary Members

6.1 The Executive Committee shall have the power to nominate for election at the Annual Meeting any member or Nominated Representative or ex-member or former Nominated Representative who by his or her service to the Association is in the opinion of the Committee worthy of election as an Honorary Member.

6.2 An Honorary Member shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges and be subject to all the obligations of a General Member as long as the Honorary Member remains eligible to be an General Member, except that an Honorary Member shall not be liable to pay an annual subscription in respect of his or her Society membership pursuant to Section B1.


Section C: Meetings

C.1 General Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be open to all members.

C.2 Executive Committee meetings shall be called (2 weeks/10 working day notice) at the discretion of the President, and open only to members of the Executive Committee, or those others specifically invited at the discretion of the Committee. Electronic meeting may be held (by email), informed electronic agreement and consent received by all and implementation process can proceed prior to the next Executive Committee meeting.

C.3 There shall be at least one meeting of the General Membership annually known as Annual General Meeting – AGM. This can be combined with general election in the same venue.

C.4 Notice of Meeting

Where it is proposed to pass a Special Resolution, at least 21 days clear notice and in other cases at least 21 days clear notice of the holding of a General Meeting specifying the place and day and the time of the meeting and in the case of special business the general nature of such business shall be given to the Members entitled to receive notice in the manner provided in this Constitution. The non-receipt of a notice by or the accidental omission to give notice to any Member shall not invalidate the proceedings at any General Meeting.

C.5 Quorum shall consist of a one third majority of the seated officers of the Executive Committee.

C.5.1 In the case of General Membership meetings, quorum shall consist of no fewer than 10 members-at-large within half an hour of commencement of the meeting. If within a half-hour from the time appointed for the Meeting a quorum of Members is not present, the Meeting if convened upon the requisition of Members shall be dissolved. In any other case it shall stand adjourned to the same day in the following week at the same time and place and if at the adjourned Meeting a quorum of Members is not present those present shall be a quorum.

C.6 Sub-Committee meetings shall be held at the discretion of the respective sub-committee chairs.

C.6.1 In the case of sub-committee meetings, quorum shall consist of one (1) of the sub-committee members.

C.6.2 The Chair of a committee shall be considered a committee member.

C.7 All meetings shall be conducted per the guidelines of Robert’s Rules of Order (Simplified Robert’s rules of Order .pdf. is attached)

C.8 Emergency meetings of either the general membership or of the Executive committee may be called by any member in good standing with BMS.

C.8.1 Those wishing to call emergency meetings of the general membership shall notify the President, who will thereupon call the meeting.

C.8.2 Emergency meetings of the executive committee may be called by any member in good standing with the approval of the President, or by any member of the executive Committee.


C.9 Business of Annual Meeting

The business of an Annual Meeting shall be:

1 (a) The reception, discussion and consideration of the Accounts, Balance Sheets and ordinary Reports of the Treasurer, Secretaries of the Executive Committee and of the Auditors.


1 (b) To receive an address by the President if arranged by the Council and any addresses or communications relative to the medical and allied sciences and the discussion of these addresses or communications as arranged by the Executive Committee.


1 (c) To transact all business required by statute, by this Constitution.

1 (d) To call for nominations for the positions of Officers of the Association.

1 C10 The President or in his or her absence the Vice-President 1 shall preside as Chairman at every General Meeting of the Society. If at any Meeting the President or Vice-President is not present within 15 minutes after the time appointed for holding the Meeting, the Members present shall choose someone to be Chairman of the Meeting (eg Vice-President 2 or 3)

Section C.10: Advisory Council:

Members name will be declared at the AGM. They are welcome to attend in every EC meeting and will be entitled to take part in agenda discussions. They will also receive a copy of regular emails between Executive Committee members and notices.


Section D: Powers and Functions

D.1 Any and all polices pertaining to the BMS of NSW can be brought forth to the executive committee by any member of the BMS of NSW.

D.2 All proposed policies, resolutions, or issues that have been brought forth to the executive committee shall be debated and voted on by the executive committee. All decisions of the executive committee shall be approved by a simple majority, save where otherwise specified.

D.3 Voting shall be conducted according to presidential prerogative.

D.3.1 Voting by proxy shall be acceptable for all matters under consideration. Acceptable proxies shall include electronic votes, or by appointment of a proxy.

D.3.2 Appointed proxies must be members in good standing.

D.4 Any member can request funds for projects pertaining to BMS interests.

D.4.1 Requests for funds must be submitted in writing.

D.4.2 Allocations up to and including $500.00 shall require approval of the president.

D.4.3 Allocations more than $500.00 shall require approval of the executive committee.

D.4.4 All approvals must be given prior to said expenditures.



Article XI


Part 2: Executive Committee (EC)


Section A: Membership

A.1 The Executive Committee shall consist of the following officers: a President, three Vice-Presidents, a General Secretary, two Joint Secretaries, a Treasurer, an Organization Secretary, an Education Secretary, Publication Secretary, Social welfare and Cultural Secretary, and 13 members and three co-opted members (Total of 28 persons)

A.2.The Executive Committee in its first meeting (after formation of the new committee) shall co-opt three members in the EC whose presence are deemed important for BMS.

A.3. The immediate past-President shall be placed in the Executive Committee as Ex-officio member.

A.4 Officers shall be required to attend all meetings of the Executive Committee.

A.5 Any member of the Executive Committee may call an emergency meeting of the Board with the approval of the President.

A.6 Expulsion

6.1 The Executive Committee shall have the power on the representation or complaint of any two Members of the Association to expel a Member from membership of the Association but a motion for the expulsion of a Member shall only be received and passed or otherwise disposed of at a Meeting of the Executive Committee with not less than one month’s notice and after due inquiry by the Executive Committee.

6.2 At least 14 days (10 working) notice in writing of the motion shall be given to the Member

concerned and the Member or the Nominated Representative of the Member shall be

given an opportunity to address the Executive Committee in his, her or its defense.

6.3 Any subscriptions or other sums in the nature of fines, levies, penalties or calls

payable but not paid by any expelled Member in relation to the period, not exceeding

6 months, before the expelled Member’s expulsion from the Association took effect

and in respect of the period not exceeding 6 months prior to the date of the

commencement of proceedings to recover those sums, may be sued for and recovered

in the name of the Association, in a Court of competent jurisdiction, as a debt due to

the Association.


7.0. Entitlement to Inspect Books

Each Member is entitled to inspect the books and documents of the Association but not any of the following:

(a) Those relating to personal matters concerning particular individuals;

(b) Those relating to personal hardship of any Member;

(c) Those containing information relating to matters of ethics or professional conduct concerning a particular individual;

(d) Those containing information given to the Association in confidence;

(e) Those containing legal advice or any matter that would be privileged from production in legal proceedings on the ground of legal professional privilege.


Article XII Elections


Section B

B.1 An Election Commissioner is appointed by the Executive Committee (or Convening committee). Three members of Election commission with one Chief Election Commissioner.

The date, time and venue of the general election will be declared by the Election Commissioner who must serve a general notice and/or email at least 3 weeks before the general election. Nominations for positions on the executive Committee, Benevolent fund (Chairman and four members), Federation (three members) will be submitted to the Election Commissioner during the General Election. The electoral procedure will be the prerogative of the Election Commissioner. The tenure of the committee will be for one year to the next election. The general election may not be delayed beyond September of the year. Last date for nomination submission will be two weeks before Election Day. Last date of withdrawal will be one week before the Election Day. The final list of the nominated members will be emailed to general members soon after the withdrawal date.


B.1.1 Any member may be nominated by anyone for a position on the executive Committee.

B.1.1.1 Members may nominate themselves.

B.1.2 Nominations shall be submitted in writing/email.

B.1.3 Any person in good financial standing with the BMS can be nominated for any position on the Executive Committee.

B.2 Elections shall take place sometime mid-year.

B.2.1 Voting for positions shall follow the order of candidates listed in Part 2, Section A.1. Candidates shall announce their nomination prior to the election. In such case as they may be unsuccessful in their election, they may then choose to run for the next open position.

B.2.2 Eligibility for votes and nomination for executive committee membership: Paid memberships two weeks before the election day – publish voter list one week before the election day.

B.3. No person may simultaneously hold more than one position in the Executive Committee.

B.4 Candidates shall prepare speeches for presentation to the seated executive committee.

B.4.1 Candidates shall have no more than three (3) minutes apiece to deliver speeches, followed by a two (2) minute period to field questions from the committee.

B.5 Any use of funds in elections or campaigns, either BMS or private, shall be expressly prohibited.

B.5.1 Any candidate found in violation of this shall be immediately disallowed from further participation in elections.

  1. 6 Vacancies in Offices


Article XIII – Responsibilities and functions of Office bearers


Section A: President

A.1 The President shall serve as the chief liaison between the BMS and all other organizations and persons. The President will be the “Public Officer” to the Department of Fair Trading.

A.2 The President shall chair the Executive Committee and shall be an ex-officio member of all BMS sub-committees.

A.3 The President shall not have a vote on the Executive Committee except in the case of a tie.

A.4 The President shall determine the agenda for Executive Committee meetings. The President will forward the agenda to the Secretary for publication at least one (1) week prior to the meeting date, except in the case of emergency meetings.

A.5 The President shall have the sole authority to allocate funds up to and including $500.00 without prior approval of the Executive Committee.


Section B: Vice-President

B.1 The Vice-Presidents shall be responsible for all recruitment activities.

B.2 In case of resignation or leave of absence by the President, the Vice-President 1 shall act as Interim President until the next President assumes office. Vice-President 2 or 3 will then assume the position of Vice-President 1 or 2 respectively.

B.2.1 The Interim President has the option of appointing any Executive Committee member to the office of president or finishing the term of office. Approval of the Presidential appointment shall require a simple majority of the Executive Committee.

B.3 The Vice-President 1, General Secretary and Treasurer shall keep a chapter membership list and update on electronic template.

B.4 The Vice-President 1 may obtain room reservations for meetings, speakers, and all other activities pertaining to BMS.

B.5 The Vice-President may be responsible for scheduling at least one (1) General Membership Meetings.

B.6.1 In the event of the death or resignation of the President, the Vice-President 1 shall discharge the duties of that office and shall be titled President. The existing Vice-President 2 will assume the position of Vice-President 1. The existing Vice-President 3 will assume the position of Vice-President 2.

6.2 A vacancy in the office of Vice-President, Treasurer, Other Secretaries and members shall be filled by the Executive Committee as soon as it is practical by an election by a simple majority of one of its members to fill the vacant office.

6.3 Vice President 1 – will be the convener for AGM convening committee. Vice president 2 and 3 – will be the chair for Action Committees alternatively



Section C: Treasurer

C.1 The Treasurer shall maintain the account. 

C.2 The Treasurer shall prepare cheques for payments or electronic fund transfer.

C.2.1 All BMS financial debits or reimbursements shall be solely conducted through the BMS bank account.

C.2.2 All cheques written from the BMS cheque account shall be signed by both the President and the Treasurer.

C.3 The Treasurer shall prepare an account statement for the Executive Committee for each Executive Committee meeting.

C.4 The Treasurer shall prepare both an annual budget for presentation to the Annual general meeting


 Section D: General Secretary

F.1 The General Secretary is responsible for keeping minutes and attendance of all Executive Committee meetings and email within 7 days of EC and General meetings.

F.2 The General Secretary is responsible for keeping of all records and documents of the BMS of NSW.


Section E: Publication Secretary

E.1 The Publication Secretary will be the public relations (PR) officer and shall be responsible for maintenance of a web site.

E.2 The PR Officers shall be responsible for organizing and keeping an inventory of publicity materials in the storage space provided the organization, and for setting up said materials at BMS functions, when necessary.

E.3 The PR Officers shall be responsible for promoting all events.

E.3.1 The PR Officers shall make publicity information each year, to be distributed to incoming doctors and first-year medical students.


Section F: Social Welfare and Cultural Secretary

F.1. The Social Welfare and Cultural Secretary is responsible to identify the individuals or group of people in the community or society in Australia or abroad in particular in Bangladesh, who are needy, suffering in a natural disaster or environmental trauma or in a financial hardship. The Social Welfare and Cultural Secretary will hold and manage a number of cultural functions as decided by the EC.

F.2. The Social Welfare and Cultural Secretary is responsible to make a concrete proposal to the EC if any financial help or other help to the individual or the community can make their life easier.


Section G: Sub-Committees

G.1 There shall be provision made for no fewer than two (2) standing sub-committees, with Chairpersons designated by appointment of the President.

G.2 Appointment of Sub-Committee Chairs shall be subject to approval by a simple majority of the Executive Committee.

G.3 The Sub-Committees shall be formed according to the interests of the BMS to be determined by the Executive Committee.

G.4 Additional Ad hoc Committees may be formed during the year, pending approval of the Executive Committee, at the request of any member in good standing with the BMS.

G.5 There shall be a permanent standing Sub-Committee on the Constitution.


Section H: Terms of Office

H.1 All newly elected officers and committee chairs shall have a formal acclimatization period of one month from their election in mid-year. During this period, the outgoing EC shall turn over all materials, and make their replacements aware of all resources relevant to their positions.

H.2 All terms of office shall be for one year starting July first to July first one year after.


Section I: Removal from Office

I.1 Executive Committee Members who are remiss in their duties shall be notified of probation by the Committee, and also notified of removal from probation by the Committee.

I.1.1 Three (3) or more documented absences from required activities shall be considered negligence, and thus, grounds for probation.

I.2 Executive Committee Members who are on probation shall be subject to immediate recall at the discretion of the remaining members of the Committee.

I.3 Any member of the Executive Committee can be recalled by a 2/3 majority of the Executive Committee for negligence or wrongdoing.

I.4 Executive Committee Members, who are to be recalled, shall be given one (1) weeks’ notice, should they wish to plead their case before the Committee.


Section J: Vacancies in Offices

J.1 In the event of the death or resignation of the President, the first Vice-President shall discharge the duties of that office and shall be titled President. The second Vice-President will assume the role of first Vice-president.

J.2 A vacancy in the office of Vice-President, Treasurer, any Secretaries shall be filled by the appointment of President subject to approval of simple majority of Executive committee.


Article XIV


Section A: Amendments

A.1 Amendments to the constitution shall be presented to the Constitution Sub-Committee by any member in good standing.

A.2 The constitution sub-committee shall place proposed changes of the constitution to the executive committee for initial approval.

A.3 The general members shall get notice about proposed changes at least 21 days before the annual general meeting.

A.4 The Constitution may be amended finally by a two-third majority vote of the general members in the general meeting.


Section B: Liability of Members on a Winding Up

Every Member of the Society undertakes to contribute to the assets of the Society in the event that the Society is wound up during the time that he or she is a Member or within one year afterwards for payment of the debts and liabilities of the Society contracted before the time at which he or she ceases to be a Member and the costs charges and expenses of winding up the Society and for the adjustment of the rights of the contributors amongst themselves such amount as may be required not exceeding the sum of $2.00.


Section C: Auditor

C.1 The Society shall at every Annual Meeting confirm to the Members that an Auditor has been appointed for the following year.

C.2 No member of BMS of NSW shall be capable of acting as the Auditor.

C.3 The Auditor shall be nominated and appointed and his or her duties regulated in accordance with the NSW Associations Act.


Section D: Notices

D.1 A notice may be served by the Society upon any Member either personally, by email or by sending it through the post in a prepaid letter envelope or wrapper addressed to the Member at his, her or its address in New South Wales that is last known to the Society.

D.2 No notice of Meetings or other proceedings of the Society shall be required to be served on any Member who has no address (email or residential or official) in New South Wales known to the Association.

D.3 Any notice sent by email or by post shall be deemed to have been served on the day following that on which the letter, envelope or wrapper containing the same was posted and in proving service, it shall be sufficient to prove that the letter, envelope or wrapper containing the notice was properly addressed and put into the post office. A certificate in writing signed by the Secretary of the Society (BMS of NSW) that the letter or wrapper containing the notice was so addressed and posted shall be conclusive evidence. An electronic evidence of email sent shall be conclusive evidence. Where a given number of days’ notice or notice extending over any other period is required to be given, the day of service shall be counted in the number of days or period.


Article XV

BMS of NSW is a member of the Federation of Bangladesh Medical Societies of Australia (FBMSA). The executive committee members of BMS of NSW will elect three members from the BMS members every year to represent the interest of BMS of NSW in the Federation.

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