Discover the Benefits of BMS BSW Membership

  • As a member of BMS BSW, you’ll have access to exclusive discounts, events, and resources. Plus, you’ll be part of a supportive community of like-minded professionals. Don’t miss out on all the advantages of membership.
    • From the distant shores of Bangladesh, a fellowship of healers has journeyed to the land of New South Wales, bringing with them the wisdom of their homeland. United by their shared heritage and passion for healthcare, they have created the Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW, a haven for physicians of Bangladeshi descent. Every year, they welcome new arrivals with open arms, extending a hand of friendship and guidance. Through the power of shared experiences, they offer support in navigating the intricate Australian healthcare system. The society offers a plethora of resources, including interactive workshops, online teaching, webinars, and coaching to help the new doctors prepare for the Australian Medical Council (AMC) exams, write CVs, apply for jobs, master interview techniques, hone procedural skills, and make informed career choices.
    • Overall BMS NSW is a tight knit community of more than 500 Doctors who find a common place of culture, heritage, academic and clinical aspirations. We celebrate our background, observe significant Bangladeshi national events, raise fund to help locally, internationally and of course for Bangladesh specially in disaster and calamities. We help any members with financial hardship through our Benevolent fund.
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