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😃Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday, 4 February 2022 @ 8:30 pm via Zoom 💖 Stay Safe

Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday, 4 February 2022 @ 8:30 pm via Zoom

Dear BMS-NSW membersOur Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on 04/02/2022. It will bea…

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Covid Donation: Netrokona : 23 Oct 2021

Covid Donation: Netrokona : 23 Oct 2021 Oxygen Cylinders  

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COVID Donation: Noakhali 19 Oct 2021

COVID Donation: Noakhali 19 Oct 2021  

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COVID Donation: Sanjaypur, Pabna 24 September

BMS donation at another village. We have donated nearly 170 families of Sanjaypur, Atgharia, Pabna. …

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Covid Donations: Lalmonirhat 16 Sep 2021

Another well organized Charity work in Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh,  sponsored by BMS-NSW. This program was organized…

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Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW (BMS-NSW) Charity work 2021 in Sydney and Bangladesh

Dear BMS-NSW members   Hope everyone is doing well and in good health. We have…

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COVID Donation: Gift Cards at Lakemba 12 Sep 2021

Dear members   We are very happy to handover most of the fifty ‘$100 Gift…

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COVID Donation: Bagherhat-Sultanpur 11 Sep 2021

সিডনি প্রবাসি বাংলাদেশী চিকিৎসক সংগঠনের অর্থায়নে বাগেরহাটের সুলতানপুর গ্রামের কর্মহীনদের মাঝে খাদ্য সহায়তা প্রদান  জনকল্যান…

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COVID donation- Thakurgaon 7 Sep 2021

Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW,Australia এর আর্থিক সহযোগিতায় বাংলাদেশের ঠাকুরগাঁও শহরে নিম্ন মধ্যবিত্ত ১০০ পরিবারদের…

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COVID Donation: Lakemba: 05 Sep 2021

It was a memorable event for BMS-NSW. It was beyond my expectation. Until yesterday I…

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Donations from BMS of NSW until 2020

Donations from BMS of NSW Dr Shareef Ud Dowla, Founding President, BMS-NSW   2013 –…

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CME (4th) meeting on 14th January at 6:30 PM

Dear BMS-NSW membersOur next CME (4th) meeting on 14th January at 6:30 PM, details below.It…

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Video massage from the President

It is important to understand the COVID -19 and the Vaccine. Stay safe and be…

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Webinar on Covid-19 and Vaccination on Saturday, 28 August at 7:30 pm

Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW has organized a webinar on Covid-19 and Vaccination information. We…

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Appeal to help COVID affected poor people in Bangladesh

Dear BMS members,    I hope you are safe & healthy during this difficult time. …

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Dear BMS members,
Good evening. I hope you are doing well.
As you know that Covid-19 has changed the whole world. During this difficult time, a few local Bangladeshis lost their jobs and are finding difficult to get new jobs. They have been going through hardship. They are not able to pay their rents & bills in due time. Some of them are not able to provide basic needs to their families.
We are requesting our members to donate money for local Bangladeshi families who need your help. We want your full support for these vulnerable families-they could be your friends, your families or your children.
We also want to remind our muslim members that this is the month of Ramadan. You can donate your sadaka and may be Jakat to our Charity Fund.
It is likely your donation will be tax deductible.
Please feel free to donate to our BMS Charity Account.
Dr Mehdi Farhan
Please mention “Charity Donation”

Respected all BMS -NSW Members

Dear member of BMS-NSW


A courtesy reminder to renew your BMS membership (please ignore this email, if you have already renewed your membership)


 Click here to renew:


If you forget your username or password, please contact the following members to reset:


1. Dr Jasim Uddin (Organising/Membership Secretary, BMS-NSW)

Ph. 0449728696

Email :


2. Dr Mehdi Farhan (General Secretary, BMS-NSW)

Ph. 0401726075

Email :


3. Dr Rashid Ahmed (President, BMS-NSW)

Ph. 0406982502

Email :

Dear All,

Kind Regards 

 Dr. Ishrat Jahan

Staff Specialist
Geriatrician Physician 
Bankstown Hospital
Conjoint Lecturer 

Dear members
We are going through an unprecedented time; we have never seen such global anxiety and stress in our lifetime. The pandemic is bringing us loss and grief; many of us have lost our near and dear ones leaving us empty and bereft. No wonder our mind is clouded with an unwanted amalgam of emotions and fear of impending doom!
We must effortfully prevent stress and panic contagion and start re-grouping to vent out our gloomy mind. Despite all the challenges, we can still find the purpose of our lives and share lightness and humor. A well-deserved gathering and socializing will strengthen our mental health and resilience against the pandemic.
We are waiting for the ease of restrictions to arrange our Annual BMS, NSW Family reunion, Dinner and Cultural Show. 
Until then, please stay safe and stay healthy. 
Kind regards
Dr Faizur Reza Emon
Cultural and Social Welfare Secretary

Welcoming Clinical Articles from ALL BMS MEMBERS only

In MS word file please. Email:

  1. Foreign Body – Dr Naseem Jessie Chowdhury
  2. Toxic epidermal necrolysis after paroxetine treatment – Dr Rashid Ahmed

Welcoming Literature writing from ALL BMS MEMBERS only

In MS word file please. Email:

  1. দুটি কবিতা – শাহনাজ

FBMSA Online Cultural Program 03 Jan 2021

FBMSA (Federation of Bangladesh Medical Societies of Australia) had arranged an Online Cultural Programme on…

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UpToDate news for the BMS website

We are delighted to announce that the members of the Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW…

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UpToDate Journal News!

We are delighted to announce that the members of the Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW…

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Website News

We are very excited about our newly upgraded website launch and hope it provides useful,…

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Message from the President

I feel honoured to be elected as the President of one of the most prestigious organisations, Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW (BMS-NSW) for the term 2020-2021. The commitment and hard work for the last few…

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Welcome to Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW

BMS is proudly involved in academic, scientific, and cultural programs throughout the year. Our regular once a year scientific seminar is aimed to help our doctors maintain a high standard of knowledge. Additionally, we support the AMC doctors by organizing training programs, which prepare doctors for the AMC examination and subsequently getting a job in the Australian healthcare system.

In addition to providing social events, we conduct charity here in Australia as well as overseas. We had supported the victims of the Rana Plaza disaster through donating to the Centre for Rehabilitation for Paralysis (CRP). We also took part in the Aila Project, a water purification project, in Bangladesh. Additionally, we made donations to support the victims of the Nepal Earthquake.

Please join the BMS and take part in decision-making and share your views in order to further improve this organization.

<---- BMS in 2020 ----->

Our Mission

  • To promote the art and science of medicine for the best interests of the community.
  • To establish good health, good will and the exchange of knowledge among our colleagues.
  • To deliver consistent and efficient service in health care to the general population.

Our Vision

  • To incorporate BMS NSW in the professional lives of all doctors – local and IMGs
  • To participate in various charitable fund raising activities for local and international causes.
  • To establish a network for doctors,their families and the wider community to facilitate communication and exchange of information.
  • BMS NSW objectives,policies,and framework have been established in a democratic fashion and will endeavour to continue in the same way
  • BMS NSW is a non-profit Organisation.

The birth of Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW

Dr. Shareef ud Dowla

Founding President, BMS NSW

The BMS history is a rich narrative of tradition, culture, brotherhood professionalism and camaraderie, Very few doctors migrated to Australia before 1980s…


Special partnership arrangement with Commonwealth Bank to support
Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW.
Please contact Rezaul Islam on 0427 056 224 or email: to discuss about property purchase, refinance and equity unlock.

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