Community Health Awareness Program

We are delighted to announce that we will have a “Community Health Awareness Program” with our Bangladeshi Community Members living in NSW on the 16th of Sept 2023. It is a free event aiming to raise awareness of the health and well-being of our community. It is the first-ever interactive session and direct involvement outside our doctors’ family. Any BMS member who wants to join must complete the online registration form, as the spots are limited. Please spread the message; feel free to share the flyer and encourage your friends and family to join the discussion.  
We will also provide them with a list of medical centres where they can access our GP specialist, allied health personnel, and Specialist who can speak and consult in Bangla and get the best health advice. As a part of our ongoing commitment, we will also provide a GP helpline service for non-Medicare patients (visitors, family members, students etc.). Please let us know if you can contribute your time and expertise to this noble charity. We want to come closer to our Bangladeshi community and work and grow together as a proud Bangladeshi-Austalian.
May be a graphic of 5 people, slow loris, map and text that says 'স্বাস্থ্যই সকল সুখের মূল COMMUNITY HEALTH AWARENSS Limited spots! Lastdate FREE REGISTRATION 10th Sept 2023 LETS HAVE A DISCUSSION 1. Diabetes, Hypertension &Heart Disease 2. Early cancer detection 3. Assisting Non-Medicare Bangladeshi patients (students parents visiting Australia) Sat 16 Sept 2023 PM-6 LAKEMBA SENIOR CITIZEN'S CENTRE BANGLADESH MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NSW'
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