Election 2023 Result

                                                                                                                               Thursday, 30 March 2023

Dear respected members,


Finally, the election is over, conducted by the reputed voting company GoVote with their efficient program, under guidance from the election commission. We sincerely thank our election commission for their hard work and sincerity.

The election process went nicely in a healthy environment. We like to thank all general members for participating in the voting. About 98.1% cast their vote, which was an overwhelming response. 

We got the final result today, which I’ve attached for you to look at. The election commission’s final response is: 

“On behalf of election commissioner I am declaring the Final result of BMS , NSW Election 2023,

Please take a look at the attachment.

We had long discussion with GoVote  and went through of audit report and were satisfied.


Sincerely yours

Dr Md Tozammel Hossain Chief election commissioner

Dr Md Nurul Islam Election Commissioner

Dr Robiul Karim Biswas Election Commissioner”


RESULT:  Results_Report_ Final



Message from outgoing President and General Secretary: 


We congratulate the winning team Dr Reza/Dr Emon panel (please see the result).

We also thank and express gratitude to Dr Halim/Dr Jasim panel for your cooperation and help in peacefully conducting the election.

We also thank all the current EC members for their hard work in last one year and excellent team works which made us possible to organise a beautiful picnic at the beginning of the year, then a large Annual dinner and cultural program, a family day out in later part of the year with so much positive comments from all and many other activities including multiple online educations, excellent Annual scientific meeting and education sessions for the AMC and all other. All these have been possible because of the great participation from all general members, thanks to you all.

We hope to see further growth of BMS. We all love BMS and will always be with BMS.

We are discussing the next step and will let you know soon.  Hopefully, the new committee will start working as soon as possible.


Thanking you,


Dr Mirjahan Mia Maju                        


Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW    

Dr Sayek Khan

General Secretary

Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW                       

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