3rd Executive Council (EC) Meeting on Saturday,10 April

Dear EC, Adv com & Ben Fund Com members,
Happy holidays, hope we are having a great time. This is just a gentle reminder that our next EC meeting will be on 10th April 2021, Saturday.
Venue : Berala Community Centre
             98-104 Woodburn Road, Berala, NSW 2141
Time : 4 PM to 6 PM
Car Parking : Ample Car parking close to the venue (Free council car park)
Agendas :
1. Feedback on Ekushe Program on 21/02/2021 Sunday – 3 mins
2. Feedback on Meet & Greet Program on 27/02/21 Saturday – 5 mins
3. Feedback of 2nd BMS-NSW walking on 07/03/2021 Sunday – 3 mins
4. Feedback of 3rd CME- Medico-legal session on 27/03/2021 – 5 mins
5. Update of activities of Cultural and social welfare Subcommitte – Dr Faizur Reza Emon (7 mins)
6. Update of activities of Education Subcommittee – Dr Ishrat Jahan (7 mins)
7. Update on membership renewal – Dr Jasim uddin (5 mins)
8. Update on website (literature and clinical writing/Photo gallery etc) – Dr Fazle Rabbi ( 3 mins)
9. Misc.(10 mins) – FBMSA EC member selection from EOI
                              – BMS Charity Status etc
We are requesting everyone to respond to this email and to attend the EC meeting which is your commitment.
We need the number of attendees for catering purpose. Some of you already informed us-thanks to them.
Thank you
Dr Mehdi Farhan
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