Foreign Body – Dr Naseem Jessie Chowdhury

Foreign Body 
Dr Naseem Jessie Chowdhury
General practice is riddled with amazing stories as all GPs will agree. Common things being common but sometimes we are challenged by some outrageous cases which are downright out of this world. Sharing some snippets of my days with you.
1.A 16-year-old young man presents with something in the ear story-very common. History taken, was on school holidays, camping with family, swimming, hiking and the usual activities. There it was.. a very large prawn in his left ear canal. He was fishing indeed. But I had a difficult time fishing that large prawn out. And yes, the prawn was not fit for dining at the end.
2. Little 2-year-old Barbie girl. Very pretty ,happy and with a left nasal discharge. All that happiness did not last long. Once I had sprayed the local anesthetic  in her nostril and 2 parents holding her down it was war. Yes, a little plastic pearl from her Barbie’s neck was in this Barbie’s nose. Thankfully all out in one piece. Reminding me that unilateral nasal discharge in a child is likely a foreign body. And reminder to parents to not let children play with small objects.
3. 23-year-old intellectually disabled man, living in a group home, brought in by carers. Both parents have passed away. Felt sad. Young man very agitated- as usual. So examination is out of the question. So going back to basics.. good history. Carers to the rescue. Maybe bowel issues. Urgent scans organized under sedation. And yes, the money was indeed in his lower oesophagus. A clear 50 cent piece nicely sitting in his cardioesophageal junction along with some meat bones and a few nuts. all good, the kind gastroenterologist fitting him in his day and relieving him of his distress. A very happy client and a much-relieved carer at the end indeed.
4.36-year female to see the female GP only. All good. Young lady very shy, very embarrassed not sure where to start. Again, start with history.. taking a bit longer than usual. Finally, she talks. Trying to have fun with her boyfriend on the weekend with unexpected results. Vaginal examination reveals a bunch of grapes still fresh but binned any way. Needless to ask her how it ended there instead of in the stomach. No judgement, no questions,  a very happy young lady leaves the room.
Thanks to Almighty. Another job done.
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