Bushfire Appeal!

As you all are aware, Australia has been going through ‘Bush Fire’ crisis. Nearly every state including New South Wales has been badly affected with this bush fire. It is a new & an emerging problem and has become the biggest natural disaster of Australia. Though it is partly man made as well. It is affecting not only the human health but also the natural habitats of those fire affected areas.

We made Australia our home and we have been living in this country happily. We feel that we have a few moral obligations including to help Australia in its need. We, BMS have been doing this successfully. Previously. we collected money for drought affected people and donated that money. We have been doing some these activities even at the personal level.

We will again stand together as we did before and will make Australia the most livable place in the earth. We expect your active participation, your thoughts & pray and your love & support for these bush fire affected people. Please feel free to donate to our BMS account below and just mention Your Name and ‘Bush Fire’ during your online transfer. It is likely your donation will be tax free and you can claim during your tax return. At the time of handover of collected money to Westpac Bank or other organizations, we can also give them the list of the donors. We will accept money till the end of January’2020.

Please feel free to contact us if any concern.


Mehdi Farhan

Acting General Secretary

Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW


Other contact persons

  1. Dr Shaila Islam, President, BMS NSW – email: shaila_islam@bms-nsw.com.au
  2. Dr Zakir Parvez, General Secretary, BMS NSW -email: zakir_parvez@bms-nsw.com.au






Please mention “BUSH FIRE”

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