“meet-and-greet” an unique BMS event

Congratulating the Education Subcommittee of BMS of NSW for a very successful “Meet and Greet” session with our AMC candidates. Thanks to all our participants and the AMC candidates in particular for making this a roaring success! Acknowledging the commitment, hard work of the Education Subcommittee members and the support of the Executive Committee of BMS of NSW.
Initial feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Well done BMS of NSW Education Subcommittee.
Many more events to come throughout the year, so keep your ears to the ground!!
Dr Najmun Nahar
Education subcommittee

Thank you our respected Education subcommittee for your hard work.
You all proved again that you are excellent team members .
Your sincere commitment and effort made our “Meet and Greet “ program a true success
I would like to express my heartiest congratulations to each and every member of the education subcommittee and special thanks to Education Secretary (Najmun apa).
My hats off to you .
I have already received lots of good feedback about this program.
Kind regards
Shaila Islam, President BMS NSW

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