BMS NSW 2018 Election News

After successful AGM at Novotel, Sydney Olympic Park on 22nd September, Chief Election Commissioner Dr Tozammel Hossain declared 27 member Executive Committee (EC) lead by Dr Shaila Islam, President and Dr Zakir Parvez, General Secretary of BMS NSW for 2018/20.

BMS SubCommittee lists were finalized at 1st Executive Committee meeting on 12th October at 3 De Villiers Rise, Bella Vista 2153. Please see below Executive Committee (EC) and the full BMS SubCommittee Lists for 2018/20.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

How Executive Committee form? What is the role of EC?

the executive committee of an organization is a committee within that organization which has the authority or powers granted to them at AGM to make decisions and ensures that these decisions are carried out. Under the best of circumstances, EC do the strategic planning and decision-making for their organizations according to the mission, vision and values of the organization. BMS EC usually sits physically every 2 months.

What is Subcommittee? What are the purposes of Subcommittee’s?

SubCommittees (Action Teams):

A subcommittee is a small group of people assigned to focus on a particular task or area. A sub-committee might undertake a specific review when an issue requires more resources and attention, such as to study the effects of any legislative changes on organisational programs. They can be set up for a specific purpose and established on a short-term or temporary basis, or they can be formed as a permanent body for ongoing work.

In BMS, a subcommittee generally makes recommendations to the EC for decision.

Regardless, any decisions made by such groups remain the ultimate responsibility of the Executive Committee. EC has the authority to review, change, and reform subcommittees after completion of particular task or dissolve if no longer required.

Executive Committee (EC) for 2018/20

President: Dr Shaila Islam

Vice President: Dr Rashid Ahmed, Dr Mirjahan Maju, Dr Amin Mutasim

General Secretary: Dr Zakir Parvez

Joint Secretary: Dr Khaledur Rahman, Dr Ayesha Abedin Esha

Treasurer: Dr Jesmin Shafiq

Education Secretary: Dr Najmun Nahar

Organising Secretary: Dr Mehedi Farhan

Publication secretary: Dr Fakhrul Islam

SW and Cultural Secretary: Dr Faizur Reza Emon

EC member:

Dr Motiur Rahman

Dr Shafiqur Rahman

Dr Hussain Ahmed

Dr Jessie Chowdhury

Dr Shafiqul Bar Chowdhury

Dr Sayek Khan

Dr Reza Ali

Dr Moinul Islam

Dr Jannatun Nayim

Dr Irene Kabir

Dr Halim Chowdhury

Dr Asaduzzaman

Dr Ishrat Jahan Shilpi

Dr Jasim Uddin

Dr Taifa Ahmed Moon

Co- Op Members:

Dr Golam Khurshid Tapos

Dr Shahryar Rana

 Advisory Council: 2018/20

  1. Dr Shareef Dowla
  2. Dr Rafiqur Rahman Babul
  3. Dr Ayaz Chowdhury
  4. Dr Sabbir Siddque
  5. Dr Shamsul Alam Babu

BMS SubCommittee Lists for 2018/20

Constitution SubCommittee 2018/20

Dr Rafiqur Rahman Babul

Dr Shareef Dowla

Dr Sabbir Siddique

Dr Amin Mutasim

Dr Halim Chowdhury

Dr Md Asaduzzaman

Education Sub-Committee: 2018-2020

Dr Najmun Nahar – Education Secretary

AMC Part 1&2AMC CompletedGeneral Practitioners
Co – Dr Jannatun KhukuCo – A/Prof Dr Reza AliCo – Dr Amin Mutasim
Dr Ishrat Jahan Shilpi, Dr Sultana Syeda, Dr Jessie Chowdhury, Dr Rebeka Moni Parvez, Dr Iqbal Hussain, Dr Shafiqul Bar Chowdhury, Dr Motiur Rahman, Dr Rokeya Fakir Keya, Dr Ayesha Abedin, Dr Taifa Ahmed (Moon), Dr Irene Kabir, Dr Aklima Rahi, Dr Raffat Islam, Dr Tanzida, Dr Sharmin Akter, Dr Shuronjona

All the members are fluid and will work together as needed.

Cultural SubCommittee: 2018/20

Dr Faizur Reza Emon – Cultural and Social Welfare Secretary

Dr Sabbir Siddique

Dr Khaled Rahman

Dr Sayek Khan

Dr Shafiqur Rahman

Dr Rashid Ahmed

Dr Mirjahan Maju

Dr Halim Chowdhury

Dr Roksana Hossain Zeba

Dr Shafin Rashed

Dr Riton Das

Dr Wahida Parvin Joly

Dr Farhana Hasan Ovi

Dr Zobaida Akhter Ratna

Dr Golam Khurshid Taposh

Social welfare Sub-committee:

Dr Ishrat Jahan Shilpi

Dr Rebeka Moni Parvez

Dr Mohammad Sharier

Dr Faisal Chowdhury

Dr Muzahid Hassan Shovon

Dr Aziz Zaman

Dr Nurul Chowdhury Sumon

Publication SubCommittee: 2018/20

Dr Fakhrul Islam – Publication and Website Secretary

Dr Jessie Chowdhury

Dr Rashid Ahmed

Dr Mirjahan Maju

Dr Asaduzzaman

Dr Jasim Uddin

Website Secretariat/Admin:

Dr Fakhrul Islam

Dr Shaila Islam

Dr Sabbir Siddique

Dr Zakir Parvez

Membership Secretariat:

Dr Mehedi Farhan

Dr Khaled Rahman

Dr Ayesa Abedin Esha

Dr Golam Khurshid Taposh

NB: President and General Secretary will be the member of all Subcommittees by default.

Please do not hesitate to contact with the team if any concern.

Dr Shaila Islam                  Dr Zakir Parvez                  Dr Fakhrul Islam

President                            General Secretary           Publication Secretary

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