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Snapshots – Sequence of Events Before 1st AGM in 2010

Sequence of Events in 2010 just before First AGM of BMS-NSW
Dr Zakir Parvez
Historian & Founder Member

What does it mean to know something about history? If you know “your” history,
what is it that you know? For many, it is definitely about being able to provide dates,
to state what happened or how people lived in the past; while for others it means
being able to conduct genealogical research or being able to navigate in a video game
that takes place in an historical environment.
As a nation Bangladeshis are proud to have excellent bonding among each other
which creates enormous opportunity to bring them together. At the early stage of
my journey in Australia as a Doctor, I have been blessed to come across with few of
senior Doctors who will remain as mile stones by making the country proud with
their creativity.
April 2010, Dr Sadeque Ahmed bhai succeeded after repetitive try in convincing me
to start the initial necessary steps to form an organization for Bangladeshi
Australian. With his inspiration along with Dr Motiur Rahman (Current president of
BMS) and I, discussed with our respected senior Dr Shareef ud-Dowla bhai at his
residence in West Pennant Hills to initiate invitation process and to organise an
informal meeting at another motivated senior Dr Ayaz and Dr Jesse Chowdhury’s
residents at Castle Hill on 16th May 2010. (See Attachments)
On that meeting, ADHOC committee was formed and selected a name Bangladesh
Medical Society of NSW (BMS-NSW) for the organisation, which was proposed by
one of the initial organisers Dr Moinul Islam. Initially Dr Dowla and I was using the
name BMAA (Bangladesh Medical Association of Australasia) to attract doctors
from Australia and New Zealand. Our main aim was to form a Convening
Committee towards an Annual Convention as quickly as possible. (See Attachments)
ADHOC Committee as follows: 16 May 2010
 Dr M Shareef ud Dowla
 Dr Sadeque Ahmed
 Dr Naseem Jahan Chowdhury
 Dr Shafiq Ahmed
 Dr Shaila Islam
 Dr Motiur Rahman
 Dr Masum Alam &
 Dr Zakir Parvez
The first formal meeting took place in Rouse Hill Community Centre on 06th June
2010 where a Convening Committee was formed. Senior most Dr Kamal Ahmed
presided over the meeting. Dr Shareef ud-Dowla was elected Convener and Dr
Motiur Rahman was Co-Convener. Meeting was attended by approximately 50
doctors from all over NSW. (See Attachments)
Convening Committee: 06 June 2010
Convener: Dr Shareef ud-Dowla
Co-Convener: Dr Motiur Rahman
Dr Ayaz Chowdhury
Dr Nazmun Nahar
Dr Shaila Islam
Dr Sayed Farabi
Dr Dr Reza Ali
Dr Moinul Islam
Dr Zakir Parvez
Dr Faruque Riffat
Dr Faizur Reza Emon
The Convening Committee met several occasion at Dr Shareef ud-Dowla’s private
chamber at Blacktown and proceeded tirelessly to organise a larger formal annual
general meeting of BMS of NSW on 1st of August 2010 in Waterfront restaurant,
Sydney Olympic Park. Notice was circulated via emails, telephone and personal
contacts. Also published in Bangla-Sydney, Sydneybashi-bangla and Priyoaustralia
website. The meeting was attended by close to 150 doctors, many of them were
studying to pass AMC examination. Overwhelming participation from all over NSW
made the convention colourful. After a successful AGM the first ever committee
BMS-NSW was formed for the period of two years. (See Attachments)
FOUNDER members of BMS of NSW (2010-2012)
President: Dr Shareef ud Dowla
Vice President: Dr Naseem Jessi Chowdhury
Dr Sabbir Siddique
Dr Shaila Islam
General Secretary: Dr Motiur Rahman
Joint Secretary: Dr Zakir Parvez
Dr Dr Prasant Mallick
Public relation officer: Dr Moinul Islam
Organising Secretary: Dr Reza Ali
Treasurer: Dr Sayed Farabi Polash
Education Secretary: Dr Nazmun Nahar
Dr Faruque Riffat
 Dr Ayaz Chowdhury
 Dr Kamal Ahmed
 Dr Faizur Reza Emon
 Dr Sayek Khan
 Dr Amin Mutasim Chandan
 Dr Mamun Chowdhury
 Dr Jesmin Shafiq
 Dr Shamsul Alam
 Dr Rafiqur Rahman
 Dr Iqbal Hossain
 Dr Maksudul Alam
 Dr Kazi Shahrier Hossain Rana
 Dr Sohel Rana
 Zobair Hossain – Medical Student
The story of Bangladeshi Doctors in Australia over the past few decades marked by
considerable educational struggle, is ultimately one of the successful one. By
reviewing the snapshots in 2010 just before Convention will show how quickly
Bangladeshi Doctors as an institution gained social position to claim moral authority
in Australia.
Dr Zakir Parvez (26 March 2017)
Enclosed Sixteen (16) emails: Collected from BMS NSW timeline to keep validity and
authenticity of BMS NSW for future references if required.

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